8 Ways College Students Can Contribute to Saving the Environment

College students can do a lot to help preserve the environment. The last few generations have done enough damage on the planet. Helping the earth begins with protecting your environment.

You are probably aware of the pollution that is occurring on a daily scale in the world. We are taught the effects it has on our ozone layer and global warming. So, itís natural to feel that you want to do something to help the situation. Thus, we have provided 8 ways you can help protect the environment.


Do your part by recycling regularly

Recycling is an effective way of saving the environment. However, not many people have tried to embrace it. Recycling is as simple as placing recyclable trash into the recycling bin. Always try and locate recycling bins, which are usually next to normal trashcans. You can even go as further as to learn where they are located around campus, so you will use them when the need arises.

Save Electricity

Learn to save the electricity you use, whether it is in your house or on campus. Switch to electronics and appliances with energy-saving capabilities. Aside from helping the environment, they tend to last longer and save a lot of electricity costs. Then, learn to turn off electronic appliances when they are not in use.

Many individuals tend to leave their TVs, bulbs, and gaming consoles on when they doze off. The same applies to electronic devices that are not in use when you are in your apartment. You can take small steps with simple thoughts like, "I donít need my TV on while I do my homework." Such thoughts will result in switching off these appliances and, in turn, reduce your electricity bill.

Turn off anything electronic when you leave for the day, except devices like refrigerators. However, when you go on vacation for a few weeks, be sure to remove the perishables and turn the fridge off.

Promote Considerate Brands

A lot of companies have joined the fight to preserve our planet. Promote the green initiative of these companies by joining their environmental activities. Some of the activities include planting trees. That simple action will take us a step further in the campaign to preserve the environment.

Purchase a Reusable Bag

Several countries have migrated from the use of plastic bags to more environmentally friendly ones. Purchase a reusable bag and use it when you go for purchases. They are designed to last longer and will save you from buying packing bags each time you go to the store.

Pick Up Rubbish and Always Use Litter Bins

There will always be individuals who litter around your neighborhood or in college. You can help by picking up stray litter on your path and depositing it in bins. It might seem unsanitary, but it helps the environment. Just make sure you use the correct precautions, such as using disposable gloves when you can.

Learn to Walk or Cycle

For students who donít live far from campus, you can choose to walk or cycle instead of using your car or public transport. The two provide a good form of exercise and, in turn, help save the environment by reducing air pollution.

Additionally, try using public transportation instead of using your car every day. It beats the hassle of looking for parking spots and will help in the fight to preserve your environment. You can also carpool to school and other areas to help reduce pollution.

Do your part by being actively involved

Spread Awareness Where You Can

You can educate your friends or peers who litter and remind them of the effects of pollution on our future generations. You can also spread awareness through social media and other online platforms. You can even print posters and set them up in strategic areas around campus if you want to reach a bigger audience.

Final Thoughts

One of the major reasons for environmental pollution is the "Iím just one person" mentality that makes them believe that their litter wonít make a difference. Imagine if a million people littered daily using that mentality across the globe, that is a million pieces of waste! The same applies to the people joining the fight to save the planet. Your actions help a lot.