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Been going to Eleven Point for 30 years after my first trip there with the Boy Scouts. You have written an excellent description that is informative and entertaining and very accurate.

I love how the locals wait at the end of Mary Decker and Horseshoe to count the boats that swamp. Last time we were there (my wife and 3 yr. old) the biggest one in overalls more ripped than mine said, "Ya'lz the first in 11 to make it since we been here." I said, "This ain't my first rodeo."

We all laughed. That's part of what I love about that country.

Keep on,



I corresponded with you early in the spring about canoeing the Eleven Point, and you were able to answer some questions for me that made my planning easier. Thanks for your help!

Catherine Bishop


I was browsing the web and was happy to find such a complete site with so much content especially on the many rivers and where camping is available...I found a campsite name through your site, and looked it up...and I will be going there next weekend...just wanted to say thanks for the website and keep it up!

Houston, TX


Thanks so much for the great canoeing information on your website. I was wanting to put together a trip for me and a few buddies in May and wanted to explore the upper Guadalupe River.

Thanks again,

Allen Shannon

Hi Marc,

I found your web site while looking for information on the Kiamichi River. Great web site! Made me totally homesick!

Bradley E. Gernand

Hi Marc,

My wife and I just bought a canoe (we live in the Dallas area) and have taken it out on White Rock Lake anumber of times. We're tiring of that and want to try some day trips around North Texas to rivers. Your site is a great resource - thanks for the time you devote to it!

John Casey

Hey Marc:

I've had a great time the last couple of days looking into wild & scenic and canoeable streams in New Mexico as I'm moving there in two weeks. Your site is great. I also checkout out the Missouri streams as I grew up floating Ozark streams. To my eye, the most beautiful scenery is on the Gasconade, but downstream from the stretch where the outfitters do business as I recall--shear limestone bluffs up to 350 feet, similar to those along the Missouri the fifty miles up and down from the G's mouth, but bigger. Long pools between small riffles, though.

Love the site; great descriptions and useful information, easy to find under meaningful headlines. Keep up the good work, though it seems like you spend all your time paddling. Good for you. And thanks to you.

Walter McQuie

Hello Marc!

Thank you for providing the information you did on the Guadalupe River, we have been doing Bergheim to GRSP and below the dam for the last thirty years in tubes, canoes and now kayaks. We just did that 281 run to Rebecca Creek road. We checked the flow and it was 600 more or less, we enjoyed the run from 311 down to Rebecca we did Mueller Falls three times it was nice. It had three ways to go down, one the falls, second a narrow right running past the falls around an island and a pretty good ride on the left also going around an island, We thought for Rust falls another 200cfs or more and it would have been really good. The horseshoe was quite narrow and the lineup was off just a bit. All in all for our first time on this area it was great. We, Brad, Mimi and myself (Curt) really appreciate your information. Thank you!

Take care,

Curt Davidson


Living in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, I am close to several of the rivers you write about and find your descriptions very helpful in planning float trips. Keep up the good work!

Andy Livingston

Hi Marc,

I've been reading the Southwest Paddler website for about a year now and I think it's outstanding. This is an excellent site to find good places to go paddling and what to expect. Thanks for putting so much effort into it. I just wanted you to know that you hard work is greatly appreciated!


Jinger Kasiner

Dear Canoeman,

I am an avid canoe and recreational kayaker in Missouri. Big Creek off the St Francois is our favorite. I have just spent the last two days looking at e-mail sites for rivers in Missouri and Arkansas, and I think your site is the best. It's easy to read and just what I was looking for. Can't wait to move beyond Missouri and Arkansas to other rivers on your web site.


Cathy Gunter

Hi Marc,

I was wondering if you could provide me with the names/contact info of the outfitters you had listed for the Lower Canyons. I have a trip planned in November for that run, and we need to set up shuttle. I was planning on calling the outfitters you had listed on your Lower Canyons page, but they are now missing.

Thanks for making the website. I reference it a lot. It's definitely the best online guide for Texas Rivers that I've seen. You do a great job with it!

Dirk Davidek

Hi Marc,

I'd like to say that your "Southwest Paddler" website is absolutely the best. You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) how often I use the site to research trips I have planned, or when daydreaming about possible rivers to paddle some day. The scope and breadth of the information available on the site is mind-boggling. I don't know how you do it, but I'm certainly glad you do!

Best regards,

Larry Rice

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