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I would like to recognize and acknowledge those whose contributions of information, photographs, maps and other content have made Southwest Paddler more thorough and more valuable to other paddlers than would have otherwise been possible. Omission of contributors' names is purely accidental, and will be amended upon notification.

Darin Byrd - photos and information for the Devils River (TX)

Bryan Jackson - Paddlin' Pals - photos and information for the Brazos River (TX) and Illinois, Washita and Kiamichi Rivers (OK)

Richard Steppe - canoe racing information and paddling instruction

Zoltan Mraz - canoe racing information and paddling instruction

Jerry Johnson - photos and information for the Brazos River (TX) and Illinois River (OK)

Roy Pipkin - information for the Brazos River (TX) and Illinois River (OK)

Bonnie Haskins - information for the Brazos River (Texas) and Illinois River (Oklahoma)

Fraser Border - photos and GPS information for the Brazos River (TX) and Illinois and Kiamichi Rivers (OK)

Keith Smith - information for the Cossatot River (AR)

Ken Lock - information for the San Marcos River (TX) and Swiftwater Rescue Training

Wendall Lyons - Bigfoot Canoes - photos and information for the Guadalupe and Blanco Rivers (TX)

Perry Humphrey - Eastex Canoe Trails - photos and information for Village Creek and Neches River (TX)

Tom Goynes - information on environment and San Marcos River (TX)

Lee Deviney - canoe racing information

Dwayne TeGrotenhuis - TG Canoe Livery - information for the San Marcos River (TX)

John Vanness - gear & outfitting, and information for the Colorado, San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers (Texas)

Ben and Cindy Fruehauf - Buffalo Camping & Canoeing - information for the Buffalo National River (AR)

Steve King - Missouri Scenic Rivers - information for the Current, Jacks Fork and Eleven Point Rivers (MO)

Tony Smith - Photos for Guadalupe and Blanco Rivers (Texas)

Archie, Becky and Casey Peyton - Peyton's Place - information and photos for the Illinois River (OK)

Bob Narramore - High Trails Outfitters - information for Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas rivers, and equipment/gear outfitting

Rich Manning - information for the Trinity River (TX)

Charles Edwards - Information for the Sabine River and Caddo Lake (TX)

Rich Grayson - information for the Puluxy and Brazos Rivers (TX) and Mulberry, Big Piney Frog Bayou and Buffalo River (AR)

Tom Jenkins Coyote Canoeing - information for the San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers (TX) and swiftwater rescue instruction

William Baldwin - information for the San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers (TX) and swiftwater rescue instruction

Lyle Lockwood - information for the Cimarron River (OK)

David Roberts - expert information on snakes, spiders and scorpions, and reptile photography

Patti Carothers SouthWest PaddleSports - information for the San Jacinto River (TX)

Steve Christensen - information on the Green River (UT)

Wade Hodge - information on the Glover River (Oklahoma)

Ryan Mooney - Niangua River (MO), Current River (MO) and Pedernales River (TX) photos

Chuck Twist - information for and photos of Salt Creek (OK)

Gail Shipley - Photos of the Lower Mountain Fork River (OK)

David Belcher - Photos of the Upper Guadalupe River (TX)

Jill Britt - Photos on numerous Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri rivers

Special thanks is given to Ben Nolen and Bob Narramore for their excellent book, "Rivers and Rapids", which has served as a guide for me over the past 10 years; Gordon Banks and Dave Eckhardt for the book "Colorado Rivers and Creeks", a superb guide to whitewater and wildwater rivers in Colorado, Tom Kennon for his excellent book called "Ozark Whitewater", a definitive guide to the rivers of Arkansas and Missouri, Charlie Walbridge's and Wayne Sundmacher's "Whitewater Rescue Manual", the consummate guide to swiftware rescue techniques and procedures, Oz Hawksley for his excellent and informative book, "Missouri Ozark Waterways", American Whitewater, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission, Missouri Department of Conservation, Colorado Department of Natural Resources, New Mexico Department of Tourism, Arkansas Parks & Rivers Department, Arizona Natural Resources Department, and Utah Parks Department for general information and assistance over many years of paddling.

Links to Graphic Arts Resources

Some of the graphic images used on this web site came from the sources whose links are in the table below. I would like to gratefully acknowledge my appreciation of their fine artistic talents, and express my gratitude for their having made these images available without charge. Please visit these sites for great images of all kinds when you are building your own personal web pages, and contact the web masters at these sights for information regarding commercial usage licensing of their work.

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I would like to gratefully acknowledge many friends and fellow paddlers who, over the years, have made direct or indirect contributions to my knowledge about paddling and the rivers where we play. This acknowledgement is not complete, and I apologize to anybody whose name is omitted, but who deserves credit. Darin Bird, Bryan Jackson, Jerry Johnson, Roy Pipkin, Bonnie Haskins, Fraser Border, Jill Britt, Keith Smith, Ken "Hollywood" Lock, Wendall Lyons, Perry Humphrey, Tom Goynes, Lee Deviney, Dwayne TeGrutenhaus, John Vanness, Ben and Cindy Fruehauf, Steve King, Tony Smith, Archie, Becky and Casey Peyton, Bob Narramore, Rich Manning, Charles Edwards, Rich Grayson, Tom Jenkins, William Baldwin, Lyle Lockwood, Zoltan Mraz, Richard Steppe, Gib Hafernick, Dirk Davidek and Patti Carothers.